With three new World records started the 19th CMAS Finswimming World Senior Championchip in Volos.

The first two records were held by Petra Senanszky from Hungary at 100m Bf Women. Firstly, in the morning semi-finals with the time 46.43 (46.65 the previous record) and in the evening Finals with the time 45.69.

A new world record was also held by Dmitry Seryakov from Russia at 100m Bf Men with the time 41.44 (42.31 the previous record).

Shu Chen Jing from China and Max Poschart from Germany were very close to the World record at the race of 100m Sf with the time 38.13 (38.11 the World Record) and with the time 34.22 (34.18 the World record) respectively.


Flash Quote

Petra Senanszky: “I’m very happy because of the gold medal. I had a better time at the Championship of Hungary, but, anyway, it is a World Record and this is fantastic. I hope I take a new gold medal at 200m Bf.”


PHOTOS by Zacharakis.a